Hockey Starts Here

The Jansenites Hockey Club in Singapore has a rich history. The club was established in 1950s and has been a prominent part of the hockey community ever since. Over the years, the club has produced many talented players who have represented Singapore at various levels, including national and international competitions.

The Jansenites Hockey Club has consistently aimed to promote the sport of hockey and provide a platform for players to develop their skills. The club has a strong focus on nurturing young talent and has a well-established youth development program. Many young players have benefitted from the coaching and guidance provided by the club, and have gone on to achieve success in their hockey careers.

In addition to its focus on player development, the Jansenites Hockey Club also actively participates in local and regional tournaments. The club has a competitive team that has consistently performed well in various leagues and competitions. The dedication and hard work of the players and coaching staff have helped the club maintain a strong presence in the Singapore hockey scene.

Overall, the Jansenites Hockey Club has a proud history and continues to play a significant role in promoting and developing the sport of hockey in Singapore