Our Story

Jansenites Through The Years

Started in the 1950's and over the years, Jansenites gained promotion to compete in the Premier Leagues for both genders and other divisions as well. 

The club won several titles in the process, including several age-group tournaments.

 In the year 1999, a great milestone was achieved when Jansenites played in the Malaysia National Hockey League and that remains to this date , the only Singapore hockey club to have competed with a team that includes seven U16/U19 players.

 Since the year 1996, the club initiated the school adoption scheme by employing coaches locally and abroad to coach schools which received great response from the community. Other clubs soon followed suit and that produced a continuous flow of quality players in the various national age-group teams.

Jansenites has been a top contender in both genders of the U19 and other Singapore Hockey Federation(SHF) organised tournaments. 

Jansenites Hockey Club is now a part of the sports academy established by Jansenites Sports & Academy Pte. Ltd.

The club continues be be actively involved and participates in SHF tournaments including the annual age-group leagues.

With the academy established, the training programmes are carefully structured and the room for expansion has become achievable since the recruitment of players are sourced from within the radius of the training grounds with remuneration provided  for coaches to ensure we provide value to the academy and the hockey community here.

"The Jansenites camaraderie is simply awesome! 

The kampong-spirited get-togethers and buddy ship 

have been going on several years now."