Sponsorship  Packages

Your contributions to Jansenites helps us continue our journey towards excellence, and we look forward to crafting a partnership that meets your specific needs while fostering the growth of field hockey worldwide. 

Supporter of the Game

Cost: $500

Team Booster

Cost: $250

Apparel Sponsorship

Cost: $7,500

Community Engagement Package

Cost: $2,500

Social Media Endorsement Package

Cost: $3,000

Title Sponsorship (Full Tournament)

Cost: $25,000

Tournament Segment Sponsorship

Cost: $5,000

Overseas Trip Sponsorship

Cost: $15,000

All donors will receive exclusive team merchandise and apparel.

Customized payment plans are available to suit your budget and preferences.

For personalized subscription packages or modifications, please contact us.

We understand that each sponsor is unique.